Anant Gupta

Note: The following is outdated.

I’m a Masters student at NYU with a focus on Deep Learning.
I interned at Imagen during Summer 2018 with Christian Ledig and Sumit Chopra.
Previously, I’ve worked as a Software Developer at Zomato and owned an ecommerce/logistics startup.


  • M.S., Computer Science, New York University, 2017-
  • B.Tech., Computer Science, VIT University, India, 2014

Research Interests

  • Representation learning
  • Generative Models
  • Natural language understanding
  • Machine Learning for Healthcare

Academic Projects

  • Learning object dynamics in video generation, May 2018. [pdf] [slides] (advisor: Emily Denton & Rob Fergus)
  • Graph Neural Networks for Device Placement Problem: Review paper, May 2018. [pdf] (advisor: Joan Bruna)
  • Composable Unpaired Image­-to-­Image Translation, December 2017. [pdf] [poster] [code] (advisor: Rob Fergus)
  • Learning to tag diagnoses codes from Clinical Notes, December 2017. [pdf] [code] (advisor: Kyunghyun Cho)
  • Predicting Onset of Imminent Diseases using historical EHR, December 2017. [pdf] [slides] (advisor: Mehyrar Mohri, Narges Razavian)

Recent Courses


  • Fall 18 - Computer Vision
  • Fall 18 - Natural Language Processing with Representation Learning

Open Source Implementation (< Summer 2017)

  • BEGAN (PyTorch)
  • Gated Conditional PixelCNN (Tensorflow)
  • Language Modeling with GatedCNN (Tensorflow)
  • Visual Question Answering task (Keras)
  • E-commerce platform: Ostrich (Flask + ReactJS)

Recent Reading

  • Deep Learning, Goodfellow
  • Sapiens, Harari
  • Thinking fast and slow, Kahneman