Notes from Cant Hurt me

3 minute read


I switched jobs in January of 2021 and I’d say it was smooth transition. I got plenty of downtime and alone time in my apartment to focus on myself. I completed this book in 10 days, 1 chapter a day, which was an mini achievement for me.

Each chapter has this challenge section in the end where Goggins tries to convert his autobiography to a self-help book. This is the summary of those lessions:

  1. Bad Hand: Everybody gets dealt a bad hand.
    • What’s limiting your growth and success?
    • What’s standing in your own way? List down all those disadvantages. Acknowledge them.
  2. Accountability Mirror: Get raw and real. List down each necessary step needed to achieve your goals or for self-improvement. Break it down into atomic actions. Strive to fulfil those actions. Look at them everyday and hold yourself accountable to complete those.

  3. Calloused Mind:
    • Follow the path of most resistance
    • Do something that’s uncomfortable, and do it over and over again
    • The more often you’re uncomfortable, the stronger you’ll become, and soon you’ll develop a more productive, can-do dialog with yourself
    • It take relentless discipline to schedule suffering into your day
  4. Taking souls: Excellence. Don’t just complete your tasks, crush it!
    • You want them thinking how amazing you are
    • Take their negativity and use it to dominate their dtasks with everything you’ve got
    • Make their jaws drop. Take their souls away.
    • Fear nothing
  5. Visualize: Anticipate what success looks like, what challenges look like, and prepare your mind for it. Paint a picture and how achieving that goal would feel like. Think about it everyday and that feeling will propel you forward, especially when times are tough.
    • Visualize that workout or run
  6. Cookie Jar: When you embark on an ambitious goal, there’ll be a point where pain, boredom, self-doubt kicks in, and you’ll need to push back through it. This Cookie Jar is your shortcut to taking control of your thought process. It’s all those obstacles you’ve overcome in life to achieve the unexpected. The point is to remember how badass you are and use that energy to push through in the heat of the battle.

  7. No limit: Don’t stop after achieving your goal. Push harder to break those limits. The limit is only in your mind. The bottom line is that life is one big mind game. The only person you are playing against is yourself. Stick with this process and soon what you htought was impossible will be something you do every fucking day of your life.

  8. Maximize your time: Take note of how you spend your day and identify the dead space/time. When you schedule to do one thing, do that one thing with full focus. When it’s time to rest, actually rest.

  9. Uncommon amongst uncommon: Push yourself to stand out, even if you’re in the top 1% pool. This means staying in constant pursuit and putting out unending effort. This will require everything you have, and some more. Fuck complacency and embrace discomfort. Stand tall and stand alone.

  10. Failure: Learn from your failures. Note down why you fail or failed, and think hard about what was the reason. How can you use the tools listed above to stop doing that.